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K Maksymenko, A Maurer, N Aghaallaei, C Barry, N Borbarán-Bravo, T Ullrich, TMH Dijkstra, B Hernandez-Alvarez, P Müller, AN Lupas, J Skokowa, and M ElGamacy, "The design of functional proteins using tensorized energy calculations," Cell Reports Methods 3 (8), 100560 (2023).
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M Podobnik, AP Singh, Z Fu, CM Dooley, HG Frohnhöfer, M Firlej, SJ Stednitz, H Elhabashy, S Weyand, JR Weir, J Lu, C Nüsslein-Volhard, and U Irion, "kcnj13 regulates pigment cell shapes in zebrafish and has diverged by cis-regulatory evolution between Danio species," Development 150 (16), dev.201627 (2023).
Journal Article
S Wolf, D Melo, KM Garske, LF Pallares, AJ Lea, and JF Ayroles, "Characterizing the landscape of gene expression variance in humans," PLoS Genetics 19 (7), e1010833 (2023).
Journal Article
D Čapek, M Safroshkin, H Morales-Navarrete, N Toulany, G Arutyunov, A Kurzbach, J Bihler, J Hagauer, S Kick, F Jones, B Jordan, and P Müller, "EmbryoNet: using deep learning to link embryonic phenotypes to signaling pathways," Nature Methods 20 (6), 815-823 (2023).
Journal Article
V Altmannova, M Firlej, F Mueller, P Janning, R Rauleder, D Rousova, A Schaeffler, T Bange, and JR Weir, "Biochemical characterisation of Mer3 helicase interactions and the protection of meiotic recombination intermediates," Nucleic Acids Research (London) 51 (9), 4363-4384 (2023).
Journal Article
S Kersten, J Chang, CD Huber, Y Voichek, C Lanz, T Hagmaier, P Lang, U Lutz, I Hirschberg, J Lerchl, A Porri, Y Van de Peer, K Schmid, D Weigel, and FA Rabanal, "Standing genetic variation fuels rapid evolution of herbicide resistance in blackgrass," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 120 (16), e2206808120 (2023).
Journal Article
D Shipilina, S Stankowski, A Pal, YF Chan, and N Barton, "On the origin and structure of haplotype blocks," Molecular Ecology 32 (6), 1441-1457 (2023).
Journal Article
SJ Clasen, MEW Bell, D-H Lee, ZM Henseler, J de la Cuesta-Zuluaga, K Parys, J Zou, Y Wang, V Altmannova, ND Youngblut, JR Weir, AT Gewirtz, Y Belkhadir, and RE Ley, "Silent recognition of flagellins from human gut commensal bacteria by Toll-like receptor 5," Science Immunology 8 (79), eabq7001 (2023).
Journal Article
LF Jones, RN Lou, CS Murray, D Robert, CM Bourne, C Bouchard, M Kučka, YF Chan, DB Carlon, DN Wiley, NO Therkildsen, and H Baumann, "Two distinct population clusters of northern sand lance (Ammodytes dubius) on the northwest Atlantic shelf revealed by whole genome sequencing," ICES Journal of Marine Science 80 (1), 122-132 (2023).
Journal Article
LF Pallares, AJ Lea, C Han, EV Filippova, P Andolfatto, and JF Ayroles, "Dietary stress remodels the genetic architecture of lifespan variation in outbred Drosophila," Nature Genetics 55 (1), 123-129 (2023).
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