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V Venu, E Harjunmaa, A Dreau, S Brady, D Absher, DM Kingsley, and FC Jones, "Fine-scale contemporary recombination variation and its fitness consequences in adaptively diverging stickleback fish," Nature Ecology & Evolution 8 (7), 1337-1352 (2024).
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JO Abraham, B Lin, AE Miller, LP Henry, MY Demmel, R Warungu, M Mwangi, PM Lobura, LF Pallares, JF Ayroles, RM Pringle, and DI Rubenstein, "Determinants of microbiome composition: Insights from free-ranging hybrid zebras (Equus quagga × grevyi)," Molecular Ecology 33 (11), e17370 (2024).
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I Dereli, V Telychko, F Papanikos, K Raveendran, J Xu, M Boekhout, M Stanzione, B Neuditschko, NS Imjeti, E Selezneva, H Tuncay, S Demir, T Giannattasio, M Gentzel, A Bondarieva, M Stevense, M Barchi, A Schnittger, JR Weir, F Herzog, S Keeney, and A Tóth, "Seeding the meiotic DNA break machinery and initiating recombination on chromosome axes," Nature Communications 15 (1), 2941 (2024).
Journal Article
AP Pomreinke and P Müller, "Zebrafish nampt-a mutants are viable despite perturbed primitive hematopoiesis," Hereditas 161 (1), 14 (2024).
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LL Dean, JR Whiting, FC Jones, and ADC Maccoll, "Reproductive isolation in a three-way contact zone," Molecular Ecology 33 (5), e17275 (2024).
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A Orteu, M Kucka, IJ Gordon, I Ng'iru, ESM van der Heijden, G Talavera, IA Warren, S Collins, RH Ffrench-Constant, DJ Martins, YF Chan, CD Jiggins, and SH Martin, "Transposable element insertions are associated with Batesian mimicry in the pantropical butterfly Hypolimnas misippus," Molecular Biology and Evolution 41 (3), msae041 (2024).
Journal Article
L Chen and JR Weir, "The molecular machinery of meiotic recombination," Biochemical Society Transactions 52 (1), 379-393 (2024).
Journal Article
P Knabl, A Schauer, AP Pomreinke, B Zimmermann, KW Rogers, D Čapek, P Müller, and G Genikhovich, "Analysis of SMAD1/5 target genes in a sea anemone reveals ZSWIM4-6 as a novel BMP signaling modulator," eLife 13, e80803 (2024).
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J Laine, SST Mak, NFG Martins, X Chen, MTP Gilbert, F Jones, MW Winther Pedersen, A Romundset, and AD Foote, "Late Pleistocene stickleback environmental genomes reveal the chronology of freshwater adaptation," Current Biology 34 (5), 1142-1147 (2024).
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N Toulany, H Morales-Navarrete, D Čapek, J Grathwohl, M Ünalan, and P Müller, "Uncovering developmental time and tempo using deep learning," Nature Methods 20 (12), 2000-2010 (2023).
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