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I Dereli, V Telychko, F Papanikos, K Raveendran, J Xu, M Boekhout, M Stanzione, B Neuditschko, NS Imjeti, E Selezneva, H Tuncay, S Demir, T Giannattasio, M Gentzel, A Bondarieva, M Stevense, M Barchi, A Schnittger, JR Weir, F Herzog, S Keeney, and A Tóth, "Seeding the meiotic DNA break machinery and initiating recombination on chromosome axes," Nature Communications 15 (1), 2941 (2024).
Journal Article
LL Dean, JR Whiting, FC Jones, and ADC Maccoll, "Reproductive isolation in a three-way contact zone," Molecular Ecology 33 (5), e17275 (2024).
Journal Article
A Orteu, M Kucka, IJ Gordon, I Ng'iru, ESM van der Heijden, G Talavera, IA Warren, S Collins, RH Ffrench-Constant, DJ Martins, YF Chan, CD Jiggins, and SH Martin, "Transposable element insertions are associated with Batesian mimicry in the pantropical butterfly Hypolimnas misippus," Molecular Biology and Evolution 41 (3), msae041 (2024).
Journal Article
L Chen and JR Weir, "The molecular machinery of meiotic recombination," Biochemical Society Transactions 52 (1), 379-393 (2024).
Journal Article
P Knabl, A Schauer, AP Pomreinke, B Zimmermann, KW Rogers, D Čapek, P Müller, and G Genikhovich, "Analysis of SMAD1/5 target genes in a sea anemone reveals ZSWIM4-6 as a novel BMP signaling modulator," eLife 13, e80803 (2024).
Journal Article
J Laine, SST Mak, NFG Martins, X Chen, MTP Gilbert, F Jones, MW Winther Pedersen, A Romundset, and AD Foote, "Late Pleistocene stickleback environmental genomes reveal the chronology of freshwater adaptation," Current Biology 34 (5), 1142-1147 (2024).
Journal Article
N Toulany, H Morales-Navarrete, D Čapek, J Grathwohl, M Ünalan, and P Müller, "Uncovering developmental time and tempo using deep learning," Nature Methods 20 (12), 2000-2010 (2023).
Journal Article
JR Weir, "Molekulare Mechanismen der meiotischen Rekombination," Biospektrum 29 (7), 816 (2023).
Journal Article
D Tautz, G Reeves, and LF Pallares, "The New (Old) Genetics: Version 2.0," Nova Acta Leopoldina 2020.1 (2023).
Journal Article
K Maksymenko, A Maurer, N Aghaallaei, C Barry, N Borbarán-Bravo, T Ullrich, TMH Dijkstra, B Hernandez-Alvarez, P Müller, AN Lupas, J Skokowa, and M ElGamacy, "The design of functional proteins using tensorized energy calculations," Cell Reports Methods 3 (8), 100560 (2023).
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