Allana Schooley, Daniel Moreno-Andrés, Paola De Magistris, Benjamin Vollmer, Wolfram Antonin  (2015)

The lysine demethylase LSD1 is required for nuclear envelope formation at the end of mitosis

Journal of Cell Science,128:3466-77

The metazoan nucleus breaks down and reassembles during each cell division. Upon mitotic exit, the successful reestablishment of an interphase nucleus requires the coordinated reorganization of chromatin and formation of a functional nuclear envelope. Here we report that the histone demethylase LSD1 plays a crucial role in nuclear assembly at the end of mitosis. Downregulation of LSD1 in cells extends telophase and impairs nuclear pore complex assembly. In vitro, LSD1 demethylase activity is required for the recruitment of MEL28/ELYS and nuclear envelope precursor vesicles to chromatin, crucial steps in nuclear reassembly. Accordingly, the formation of a closed nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complex assembly are impaired upon depletion of LSD1 or inhibition of its activity. Our results identify histone demethylation by LSD1 as a novel regulatory mechanism linking the chromatin state and nuclear envelope formation at the end of mitosis.