Benjamin Vollmer, Michael Lorenz, Daniel Moreno-Andrés, Mona Bodenhöfer, Paola de Magistris, Susanne Adina Astrinidis, Allana Schooley, Matthias Flötenmeyer, Sebastian Leptihn and Wolfram Antonin (2015)

Nup153 recruits the Nup107-160 complex to the inner nuclear membrane for interphasic nuclear pore complex assembly

Developmental Cell 33, 717-728

In metazoa, nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) are assembled from constituent nucleoporins by two distinct mechanisms; In the re-forming nuclear envelope at the end of mitosis and into the intact nuclear envelope during interphase. Here, we show that the nucleoporin Nup153 is required for NPC assembly during interphase but not during mitotic exit. It functions in interphasic NPC formation by binding directly to the inner nuclear membrane via an N-terminal amphipathic helix. This binding facilitates the recruitment of the Nup107-160 complex, a crucial structural component of the NPC, to assembly sites. Our work further suggest that the nuclear transport receptor transportin and the small GTPase Ran regulate the interaction of Nup153 with the membrane and in this way direct pore complex assembly to the nuclear envelope during interphase.
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