Cerstin Franz, Rudolf Walczak, Sevil Yavuz, Rachel Santarella, Marc Gentzel, Peter Askjaer, Vincent Galy, Martin Hetzer, Iain W. Mattaj, and Wolfram Antonin

MEL-28/ELYS is required for the recruitment of nucleoporins to chromatin and postmitotic nuclear pore complex assembly

 Embo Rep. 8: 165-172
The metazoan nuclear envelope (NE) breaks down and re-forms during each cell cycle. Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs), which allow nucleocytoplasmic transport during interphase, assemble into the re-forming NE at the end of mitosis. Using in vitro NE assembly, we show that the vertebrate homologue of MEL-28 (maternal effect lethal), a recently discovered NE component in Caenorhabditis elegans, functions in postmitotic NPC assembly. MEL-28 interacts with the Nup107-160 complex (Nup for nucleoporin), an important building block of the NPC, and is essential for the recruitment of the Nup107-160 complex to chromatin. We suggest that MEL-28 acts as a seeding point for NPC assembly.