Allana Schooley, Benjamin Vollmer  and Wolfram Antonin (2012)

Building a nuclear envelope at the end of mitosis: coordinating membrane reorganization, nuclear pore complex assembly, and chromatin de-condensation.

Chromosoma, 121 (6): 539-54.

The metazoan nucleus is disassembled and re-built at every mitotic cell division. The nuclear envelope, including nuclear pore complexes, breaks down at the beginning of mitosis to accommodate the capture of massively condensed chromosomes by the spindle apparatus. At the end of mitosis, a nuclear envelope is newly formed around each set of segregating and de-condensing chromatin. We review the current understanding of the membrane restructuring events involved in the formation of the nuclear membrane sheets of the envelope, the mechanisms governing nuclear pore complex assembly and integration in the nascent nuclear membranes, and the regulated coordination of these events with chromatin de-condensation.